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Grlić & Tomić

Rajko Grlić & Ante Tomić <em>Photo: Hà Kin</em>
Rajko Grlić & Ante Tomić Photo: Hà Kin

The Croatian Constitution (Ustav Republike Hrvatske) is the third joint project of director Rajko Grlić and writher Ante Tomić. Their first feature film colaboration – Karaula (Border Post), based on Tomić’s novel Ništa nas ne smije iznenaditi (Nothing Can Surprise Us), was completed in 2006, and their second feature film - Neka ostane među nama (Just Between Us) based on original screenplay premiered in 2010.

The film Karaula (Border Post) was produced as the first regional co-production of all the countries of former Yugoslavia, with cooperation from Hungary, Austria, France and United Kingdom.  The film was seen by a record breaking 300.000 viewers in the countries of former Yugoslavia. With continuous screenings at national and local TV stations, (and not including numerous pirate editions) the film was seen by several million viewers. The film was distributed in 16 countries and received 11 international awards.

Neka ostane među nama (Just Between Us) is a Croatian-Serbian-Slovenian co-production and the most viewed Croatian film that year. It was distributed in 27 countries, on 4 continents and has received 21 international awards.

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