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Croatian Audiovisual Centre, 10.04.2018.

The Constitution in cinemas across Italy

Cinema distribution was celebrated with a gala premiere of The Constitution in Padua on April 4th, after which screenings were held in cities across Italy – Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Verona, and others.

Filmneweurope, 10.04.2018.

The Constitution Distributed in Italy

The awarded Croatian/Czech/Macedonian/British coproduction The Constitution / Ustav Republike Hrvatske by Rajko Grlić was released in Italian cinemas on 4 April 2018. The film will be released in the U.S. in May 2018. The film's festival success is confirmed by 32 awards, according to a press release issued by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

The global dispatches, 13.11.2017.

“The Constitution” by Rajko Grlić

Rajko Grlić's latest film "The Constitution" is excellent, profound and moving. Set in a building where the political tensions of former Yugoslavia are played out with a mixture of hatred, good grace, solidarity and bigotry. An intelligent movie that must be seen.

The730review, 30.09.2017.

The Constitution – Raindance review

A deftly handled piece of cinema discussing gender, xenophobia, and love, The Constitution is well worth your attention. Coming from Raindance stalwarts Rajko Grlić & Ante Tomić, this Croatian film blends a delicate script and talented actors to create a rather wonderful feature.

The Panoptic, 28.09.2017.

The Constitution

Funny, endearing, and incredibly pertinent, director Rajko Grlić and screenwriter Ante Tomić have created a modern masterpiece in slice-of-life film. A homophobic Serbian man and his charming, homely wife live in the same apartment building as a homosexual Croatian academic and his invalid Nazi-sympathising father.