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The times of India, 22.11.2016.

Strong characters carry the story forward: Rajko Grlic

PANAJI: Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or nominated filmmaker, Rajko Grlic stressed on the importance of building characters while making a film. "Once you build characters that are strong enough, you can begin to play with them, push them to the edge, see how dark and funny they can be," he said.

Draxblog Film Reviews, 02.11.2016.

Review: The Constitution (Ustav Republike Hrvatske, 2016)

There are some films that are supposed to be liked and praised regardless of whether they display excellence of film-making talent or provide entertainment to the audience. They can expect accolades merely for their authors "having a heart in the right place" or expressing views "on the proper side of history". 

Cineuropa, 09.09.2016.

The Constitution : the fight for equality

Director Rajko Grlic and his old friend Ante Tomić are the authors of the controversialscript by The Constitution, a co-production between Croatia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic and which has just been rewarded with the Grand Prix of the Americas for the Best Film of the World Competition Section at 40 Montreal World Film Festival.

Cineuropa, 06.09.2016.

The Constitution: Striving for equality

Director Rajko Grlic and his long-time friend Ante Tomić penned the controversial script for the Croatian-Slovenian-UK-Czech co-production The Constitution, which won the Grand Prize of the Americas for Best Film in the World Competition section of the 40th Montreal World Film Festival.