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Quotes about the movie

A compelling film which recounts all our sorrows, senseless hates, ignorance and delusions through deeply intimate stories.

Novi List, Croatia

What subtlety and precision in the creation of this human drama, interwoven with just enough humor to have all the bitterness more easily swollen. How challenging it is to observe the unpretentious power of Grlić’s directing skills in flawlessly crafting his intentionally highly positioned aesthetic concept of this movie which escapes any kind of naïveté. This is a movie of elegant and deliberately simple directing which allows the intricate, deep and immaculately conceived story to get into full swing.

Politika, Serbia

The Constitution is at the same time an apolitical and exceptionally political work of art which tells a story typical of Croatia and yet universal enough to reflect any society. That might be the exact quality which won the film the prestigious prize at Montreal Film Festival

RTV Slovenije, Slovenia

The most anticipated movie of the season – Rajko Grlić’s The Constitution – was premiered at CineStar multiplex in Branimir Centre in Zagreb last night. Such great interest for any national film has been unparalleled in the past decade, which is confirmed by the fact that three theatres were too small to seat over a thousand people who came to see this love story about hate.

Slobodna Dalmacija, Croatia

Can a film be a love story about hate? Yes. The paradox has been proved by Rajko Grlić who, joining knowledge and experience with Croatian writer and scriptwriter Ante Tomić, created a witty, socially conscious, courageous and above anything else up-to-date film –The Constitution.

Intermagazin, Serbia

The film premiered on 16th October and as of 20th October it entered cinemas throughout Serbia. After a week, the critics have called it one of the best films of the past decade. Nebojša Glogovac, as a transvestite, is said to be playing ‘the pivotal role of his career’.

Kulturni kišobran, Serbia

A masterpiece. Nebojša Glogovac is a superb leader of the magnificent cast in the new film of brilliant Rajko Grlić who skillfully entwines comedy and melodrama, touching upon some of the most painful and most controversial political and social issues which do not stop at Croatian state borders.

Blic, Serbia

In Belgrade, Rajko Grlić is probably the best beloved Zagreb director and Ante Tomić the best read Croatian writer. They have made a wonderful film which has received the best reviews ever in only a week of its screening.

UK Parobrod, Serbia

Tomić’s trademark slant towards the absurd and the bizarre, connected with Grlić’s intimate dramas which he has been creating since the eighties, resulted in probably the best Croatian film since the country’s independence.

Trusty, Croatia

Rajko Grlić’s The Constitutions upsets politicians, shakes up society, and thrills critics.

Delo, Slovenia