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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Ustavu Republike Hrvatske nagrada Taste of Europe Competition na Oostende Film Festivalu u Belgiji

Dear Mr.Alonso,
Dear Mr.Grlic,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform you that THE CONSTITUTION by Rajko Grlic, was selected by our audience jury as the winner of our international Taste of Europe Competition. Congratulations!

The international Taste of Europe selection consisted of ten films from across Europe. Our audience jury was carefully selected out of more than 60 entries based on their age, background and passion for film. They were guided by jury president Nathalie Teirlinck, award winning film and theatre director. They watched each film this past week and after an elaborate jury discussion THE CONSTITUTION was selected as their favourite.

Some extracts from their jury report: " The jury is unanimous. This film dares to bring actual themes as sexual and cultural diversity, ethnicity, politics and religion without judging and being didactic. The jury was touched by the humanity how the director presents his characters. Characters who struggle with prejudices, who act according to their true faith and their differences, but are condemned to one another in their desire for safety and comfort. This is audiovisual craftmanship with a wonderful soundtrack brings an actual Croatia, not only with its differences but far more by emphasizing what connects people."

The Constitution will be granted a cash prize of 5000 euro to the sales agent and 2500 euro to the director presented by our festival sponsor Filmmore. Next, Filmmore presents postproduction facilities for the film director’s next film and Telenet (Belgium biggest telecom operator) will offer the film a video on demand deal for a Belgian release.

In addition, Film Festival Oostende presents the director with an Ensor, an award designed by artist Yves Velter.

We will be your point of contact for all the prizes and provide you with the necessary contacts to follow up. Can we ask you to keep the information confidential till the awards ceremony of tonight at 8 pm. We will do a press communication that of course can be shared to your press contacts. Can we also ask to announce as from tomorrow the prize on your IMDB account.

Congratulations once again and hope to see you soon at one of the festivals,

Peter Craeymeersch
Artistic director
Film Festival Oostende

Ilse Schooneknaep
Programmer Taste of Europe
Film Festival Oostende